Monday, June 21, 2010


Businesses that fail to file annual reports may have their charter voided or authority to do business in the state conducting business. Similarly, corporations that fail to file corporation business taxes may be voided or revoked.

Should your business be revoked, voided or on the inactive list, you may reinstate it through the online reinstatement service which begins with the annual report filing.

All business types including for-profit corporations and non-profit corporations will be able to complete the entire reinstatement process. If your business is a for-profit corporation, you will be able to submit delinquent annual reports and reinstatement forms and fees online. Since all profit corporations must obtain a tax clearance certificate before reinstating, an application and instructions for requesting a tax clearance certificate will also be provided in the online session.

You will be notified of the reinstatement after the Division of Taxation issues the required tax clearance certificate.

To read more! REINSTATE A REVOKED or VOIDED BUSINESS Source: InfoTaxSquare Business Documents Filing In All Fifty States!

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