Monday, July 15, 2013

Register Company In USA

Q : Hi, I run an online marketing and software development company in India. Its a pvt ltd company with 2 directors and 5 contractors. I would like to setup an US arm by incorporating a LLC or C corp in Delaware depending upon which one would be better. The primary purpose of this US company will be to handle online payment and processing for our company in India. While your website is very elaborate in terms of setting up a new business, I am unable to decide what kind of structure I should follow? Do I need to hire a person or can I or my co-director be a representative? The contractors will never interact with the US arm. How would taxation work in such a scenario where the US company is buying services from the indian company and selling it in US? How does this change if we make either the US company a subsidiary of the Indian company or vice-versa? Appreciate your reponse in this regard. Thanks, Brandon

A : Limited Liability Companies are mostly recommended for the Real Estate businesses. You can register business as a C-Corporation.

Can you please let us know what state do you want to 
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You can consider New York to form company.

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