Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Q : I am starting an online Catholic books and gifts store. I would also sell outside of the online. I have no physical store, though. would I need to get an LLC and would I also need a tax number for sales and wholesale purchase? Would I need to apply for any other licenses or tax ID's. It is only me the owner in business - very small business. Will be web-hosted by yahoo. Thanks.

A : Yes if you are using other than your personal name to advertise your business then certainly you are required to register your business either as an LLC (Limited Liability Company, Corporation Formationor Sole proprietor/DBA (Doing business as). You are also required to obtain state identification number to conduct business. 

You can also use the following links to register company.

Register Corporation:
Form LLC:
Register DBA/Sole Proprietor:
Business Documents Filing!

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